Breathe Easy shower steamers


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What way to start a morning than with some good energy and aromatherapy. These little gems have both. They are reiki charged and have 100% pure essential oils for a quick aromatherapy session. Whether it be to wake up with a fresh start, head out for a date night, or you are slightly congested. Reiki is universal energy healing. Rei= Universal and Ki = vital life force energy that flows through all living things. These are like a shower version of a bath bomb. You just put one near the drain of your shower and let the steam from your shower do the rest. As your bathroom fills up with the aromatic scents of the oils and your energy gets uplifted!

This light blue gem is perfect for the upcoming cold and flu season. Especially if you are congested this will open you right up! Eucalyptus essential oil is known to help you breathe better and strengthen the chi energy in your space, while Rosemary essential oil is known to aid in respiratory relief because of its antiseptic properties. Camphor essential oil is known to help ease respiratory congestion. This is a powerhouse product!